Batik fabrics Australia Uses Other than Clothes

Batik Fabrics Australia Uses Other than Clothes

Batik fabrics Australia, as a beautiful Batik fabric like others Batik do. But, if all this time the uses of Batik fabric is only limited to clothes or another fashion item (pants, dress, jacket), here other delightful product that can make from Batik fabric as other alternatives.

Batik fabrics Australia Uses Other than Clothes

Sheets and Pillow

Batik, as multifunction materials is a right material for make sheets and pillow. Get a beautiful bedroom by creating some touches with the Batik motifs within your bed. Since the topics are very rich, you probably would have more than one sheets and pillow of Batik.


Room Decoration

Beside sheets and pillow inside the bedroom, you also can use Batik fabrics Australia as material for making some tablecloth, wall decoration or carpet. Adjust your Batik fiber color and motif to room theme and honor to make sure your room get the right touches.


Batik Bag

As a support fashion, a bag has a significant role to gives some touch to your everyday style. By using a Batik fabric, you can mark up your style with the unique of Batik motif. Get some Batik fabrics Australia as both sling or backpack is a good idea.

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Batik Scarf

If you love to look casual with only a blank shirt and pants, then you need a motifs touch with Batik in your body. Get a Batik scarf to make your look more fun, colorful and chic. Do not worry to use an eye-catching colored Batik as your scarf.

Those are some other uses of Batik fabrics Australia beside clothes uses. Hopefully, you already get inspired by decor your room by Batik fabric for sheets and pillow, add your bag collection with a Batik bag or even collect some Batik scarf to upgrading your fashion taste.