Batik Quilting Fabric

Batik Quilting Fabric as A Treasure Art

Batik is a world heritage according to what UNESCO announced years ago. It is not a surprise because Batik Quilting fabric strongly deserves it. Indonesia as a country where Batik is created by a local ancestor works hard to keep the existence not only inside the country but to another country over the world.

Batik Quilting Fabric

Reason The Existence of Batik Quilting fabric

A Batik Quilting fabric not only a process of Indonesian but for world people. It used for both formal or non-formal event. That is why wear a Batik fabric never a mistake. It only depends on how you choose the suitable one. Here reasons why Batik fabric keep exists in this modern world.

The Motif and Pattern

Talking about the patterns of Batik won’t be enough times. In Indonesia, Batik has a very different design that often caused by the region where it is produced. The most known Batik comes from Solo, Pekalongan, Cirebon, etc.

A Comfortable Fabric

The price range of a Batik Quilting fabric can be broad-based on the fabric quality. Most of them use a high-quality material that will make you feel comfortable while wearing it.

Long-lasting Material

The age of a Batik fabric can be so long. Even more, not only a few people that use their Batik as a heritage since the age of a Batik fabric can be longer than the owner. This unique of Batik used as an investment for some people.

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As a world heritage, Batik Quilting fabric show a meaningful structure. Until now, there is some way to use it as a rule. For example, someone cannot wear specific motifs if come to an occasion with someone with higher social status. This world treasure art teaches us so many things includes to respect the others.