Characteristics Batiks Fabric in Central Java and Yogyakarta

Characteristics Batiks Fabric in Central Java and Yogyakarta

Pekalongan and Solo are the centers of batik craftsmen in Central Java, so do the Yogyakarta. They have own characteristics which represent the philosophy in its areas. To know what features batiks fabric from three cities in Central Java and Yogyakarta this article maybe helps you to know it so, don’t forget to read it. Characteristics Batiks Fabric in Central Java and Yogyakarta

Characteristics Batiks Fabric

Batiks fabric have own characteristic on its motive. It symbolizes the condition in each area. So, this is important to discuss for those who don’t know the feature of its fabric. Also, a color which covered white fabric to enrich the character on its batik. So, let’s see one by one.


1.      Pekalongan

Flower tends become main motives on batik where is from Pekalongan; it has a small size which differs from other flower motives. Besides that, bright color which represents coastal areas that is Pekalongan nears to the beach. Beside flower, line and dot become other characteristics to give full impress on its motive. Jlamprang becomes the excellent batik motive which has a dot with geometric shapes.

2.      Solo

Solo or Surakarta has different characteristics from Pekalongan, but it has own philosophy on each motive. The motives tend to geometric, flower, and animal. The animal, especially, there are dragon and eagle motives which represent Hindu religion. The color itself uses natural ingredient which is from copperpod fruit. To paint motive on batiks fabric, they use white fabric sometimes brownish white fabric.

3.      Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta batik has unique characteristic than others. White fabric is conventional to create motives, but Yogyakarta uses two color, white and black. Motives color in batiks fabric are white, dark blue and brown which is from copperpod fruit. Yogyakarta batik has two types of motives: geometric and non-geometric. In geometric are slash, cross line, and kawung. While non-geometric are semen, lung- lungan, and boketan. The motives have the philosophy relates to Javanese-Hindu religion.

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So, that’s all about characteristic batik from three famous cities in Central Java. The motives from Pekalongan represent coastal areas, while Solo and Yogyakarta represent Hindu religion.