Take Dutch Wax Batik Fabric As A Souvenirs

Take Dutch Wax Batik Fabric As A Souvenirs

Indonesia has been known as a nation that has cultural diversity. The Indonesian country causes the consists of many tribes spread across thousands of islands. Dutch batik is also known by the name of Dutch Wax Batik Fabric. One culture that became the pride of the people of Indonesia is the art of batik. Through art and the traditions of batik, Indonesia became more known internationally.

Take Dutch Wax Batik Fabric As A Souvenirs

Batik, which is the original art Indonesia has successfully entered the international market. Batik Indonesia became famous because of its design and its unique batik and other textiles different from one Dutch Wax Batik Fabric.

Here are some reasons that make us should feel proud of Dutch Batik Fabric

  1. Batik is a native art of Indonesia.

Batik is an Indonesian tradition that has been successfully passed on in the Java community. Batik is growing in Indonesia can be divided into two groups: the palace and batik coast. You can also search about dutch Wax Batik Fabric.

Batik that comes from the palace, in general, is a batik cloth that has patterns and motifs that contain a special meaning. Meanwhile, the theme comes from coastal areas do not include definition, but has motifs and beautiful batik patterns with a variety of bright colors.

  1. Promote The Economy Of Society

When we buy a batik cloth, that we support the local economy and create batik entrepreneurs can be developed and become larger. Especially for variant Dutch Wax Batik Fabric. By buying typical batik from various regions in Indonesia, the economy will run well.

  1. Making Indonesia Known To The World

Batik has now become the art of Indonesia which is also favored by foreign tourists. This is evidenced by the high interest of tourists to the art of batik. Starting from the purchase of various products Dutch Wax Batik Fabric to participate learning how to make batik.

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So are some reasons we should be proud of when buying Dutch Wax Batik Fabric. You may find this kind of batik fabric in your local batik store. Don’t forget to always check if your batik is hand made or printed.