Different Quality Different Price: Expensive Batik Fabric for You

Different Quality Different Price: Expensive Cotton Batik Fabric for You

Batik fabric affects the teDifferent Quality Different Price: Expensive Cotton Batik Fabric for Youxture that is felt when touched or used. The difference in the texture of the fabric also determines the quality and price of batik cloth traded. Not only that, you also have to pay attention to whether the fabric is in accordance with the purpose of its use. How to treat it can be different too. One-one, you buy batik cloth originally because of its beauty but it turns out you just swelter when wearing it. To overcome this, let us learn more about some types of batik cloths are often used as Expensive Cotton batik fabric.


  1. Cotton fabric

Cotton batik fabric are commonly used as clothing materials, including batik. Made from cotton fiber spun into yarn and processed into fabric. Character of this cloth is a little rigid material and easy to absorb sweat so quite cool when worn. Cotton is of many kinds and consists of several levels that are distinguished by its fineness and thickness.

  1. Dobby fabric

Dobby fabric is a woven fabric made with Non-Engine Weaving Machine (ATBM) and has the characteristic of embossed fibers with various types such as boxes and lines. This fabric can be said as semi-silk fabric because the material is derived from a mixture of cotton and polyester yarn and silk thread. The texture of this fabric is unique because it is classified as fine but rough on certain parts. This type of fabric is widely used in the manufacture of batik for the upper middle class.

  1. Silk fabric

Silk fabrics are renowned for their luxuries shown by soft, smooth, ‘falling’, and shiny textures. As a common Expensive batik fabric, silk fabrics that are used as ordinary clothing materials are already expensive, especially if given a batik types that the process of making it complicated. Prepare yourself to spend more if you want to buy it, but the high price is proportional to the high quality presented.

  1. Pineapple fiber fabric

As the name implies, this cloth is made from pineapple fiber taken from its leaves. This fabric tends to be rigid and transparent, but has a soft glow and fine lines. Just like cotton, this cloth is able to absorb sweat well.

  1. Paris fabric

Paris fabric has a soft texture, thin, and tend to be dreamy. The material is easy to create and nice to see because it ‘fell’ and dangle beautifully. In addition to batik material, Paris cloth is also commonly used as a material veil.

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Which kind of Expensive cotton batik fabric do you like best? There is also a possibility of other fabrics that can be created with batik types. Are you interested in making new innovations?