Kinds of Balinese Batik Fabric

Kinds of Balinese Batik Fabric That You Must Know

Most people have known about Javanese batik but, they don’t know Bali batik motives. So, it’s our challenge to introduce Balinese batik fabric to people outside Bali island. This is not for foreign people but also, local people should know it. By knowing Bali batik, it will increase sense of love to batik as national culture and heritage.

Kinds of Balinese Batik Fabric

Kinds of Balinese Batik Fabric and Characteristics

We are very happy to introduce Balinese batik fabric to all people who will come to Bali or just look for information about it. So, the most motive batik is the mixture between the nature and culture which tells about Bali. Also, the motive has assimilated between traditional and modern that effect of the craftsmen’s creation.

1.      Buketan

Buketan word is naturalised from French bouquet means flower arrangements. It has been produced in the middle 20th century by Dutch entrepreneur, Cristina Van Zuylen. This batik comes from Holland which has flowers, butterflies, hong birds, cranes, and spotted plants motives. In Bali, you will find batik buketan at batik store.

2.      Merak Abyorhokokai

Merak is a name of bird called peacock. Of course, the Balinese batik fabric tells about the beauty of Bali island through peacock as the symbol. This is a mixture between Bali and Japanese culture in Merak Abyorhokokai batik which contain Sakura flower that is from Japan. So, it will increase the beauty of its Balinese batik.

3.      Singa Barong

Barong is popular mask in Bali, which is its culture there. Barong becomes a motive batik to enrich the Balinese batik fabric. Barong is a mixture among the lion (body, foot, and eyes), the eagle (wings), elephant (trunk), and dragon (mouth grinning by tongue protruding). Indirectly, Singa barong itself contributes to conserve and enrich Balinese batik, also it can a choice to buy different motive.

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In common, Balinese batik motives are the plants which to tell the beauty of Bali Island. Also, the animal to enrich the motive itself. Besides that, the designs are mixture between local and western influence that give bright colour on each motive.