Many Choices in Classic Batik Fabric

Many Choices in Classic Batik Fabric

Many Choices in Classic Batik FabricThe number of batik types from various regions in Indonesia is making batik Indonesia becomes more diverse and increasingly rich in batik types. Before batik growing rapidly as now with various types of modern batik types, in the past many unique batik types that have their own uniqueness known as the classic batik. This handmade batik fabric is a work of batik art created in the past that has a very beautiful pattern and has the content of meaning and philosophy contained in his batik painting. In the classical batik types generally contain elements of the teachings of the goodness of life that many adopted by the Java community.


Classic batik fabric has a very many types of batik types. Some of these classic batik types will be discussed below.

  1. Batik Sida Luhur

Batik types that use the word Sida prefix very much at all. One of them is Sida noble batik types. Sida that read “sido” is a word that has meaning as has been done, or also so. This batik types have meaning and philosophy so that what is human hope can be achieved. Batik Sida Luhur types is a batik types that has the content of hope that one can achieve a lofty life and fulfilled spiritually and physically.

  1. Batik Sido Mulyo

Batik types named Sido Mulyo is a batik types that has a sense of hope for prosperity and protection for the earth. Sido in Javanese has the meaning as so while the word Mulyo is a word meaningful noble. So, this batik types expect glory for people who wear this batik types. Batik types are also often used in wedding ceremonies in the hope that the future of families who are guided by the bride will succeed in getting glory.

  1. Batik Cuwiri

This batik types Cuwiri batik cloth is often used in the event Mitoni. This event is a tradition in the community of Java to commemorate the age of infants reaching seven months. Cuwiri has little meaning. With this batik types Cuwiri is expected that since childhood one can have a good value so honored by other communities.

  1. Batik Kawung

Kawung batik types is a batik types whose pattern is similar to the shape of Kawung fruit. This classic batik types have an oval pattern and is arranged regularly so as to have the shape of geometric patterns. The series of batik patterns is also often regarded as a lotus pattern that has four crowns shaped broke. This batik types are a type that symbolizes longevity and also contains the meaning of sanctity.

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In the end, which kind of Classic batik fabric that you would like to have?