Mori Cloth: Cheap Batik Fabric That Is Often to Use

Mori Fabric: Cheap Batik Fabric That Is Often to Use

Mori Cloth: Cheap Batik Fabric That Is Often to UseBatik fabric is not the same as fabric to make T-shirts. In making batik, not all cloth can be used in making batik. Only certain fabrics suitable for making batik. Price of batik market is very diverse. There is some Cheap batik fabric but there is another expensive batik, too. If you are looking for quality, you should first understand about batik cloth that is common in the market. The types of batik cloth are different texture and basic materials. One of the types of batik cloth used for batik making materials is Mori cloth.


Mori fabric is one of the type of Cheap batik fabric. This is actually a white woven fabric made of cotton. There are two types of Mori fabrics are often used as batik cloth, namely: Mori fabric that has experienced the process of bleaching (bleaching) and Mori cloth that has not been bleached, commonly called the fabric of “blacu”. Batik partly using Mori as the main material that is easy to process. The quality of Mori cloth is very visible on the fineness of the texture of the fabric, so that the Mori cloth aside from the way batik from batik process will also affect the quality of batik produced.

There are 3 types of Mori fabrics, namely:

  • Mori Primissima

The Primissima Mori cloth is the most delicate Mori fabric and is usually used to make very fine batik. This Mori is usually in the form of a roll (piece) with a width of 1.06 m and a length of 15.5 m. The arrangement or construction of Primissima using Ne 50-56 thread. Thickness of the yarn for the warp is between 105-125 per inch (42-50 per cm) and for feed between 100-120 per inch (42-50 per cm).

This is a Mori fabric that has a second quality after Mori Primissima. This Mori cloth is usually also used to make written batik or capped batik. The structure or construction of prime using Ne 36-46 yarn and this Mori type contains kanji about 10%.

  • Blue Mori

This Mori fabric is the third group, which is used to make batik instead of soft batik, this is because the arrangement or construction of blue Mori is only using the thread Ne 28-36 for warp and Ne 26-34 for the feed yarn, so it can affect the process of batik and coloring.

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In addition to the above three types of Mori fabrics, along with the rapid pace of technology and the development of world textile fabrics increasingly diverse Mori types. This even used batik and artisans to take advantage of these Mori-Mori because the quality is also very good and good to be used as Cheap batik fabric such as written batik and capped batik.